deans' academy

                            The application period for the

                    2018-2019 Deans' Academy is now closed.

You are encouraged to visit our brand new Academy website at, where you'll find an overview of the Academy and learning outcomes, applicant qualifications and participation requirements, as well as a link to our fillable PDF application form attached here.

Overview of the Deans' Academy program:

High-level workforce administrative positions require strong leadership skills, specific workforce knowledge, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements and funding sources. Many workforce deans learn these skills through “on-the-job” training, which adds to the complexity of their jobs. Deans' Academy is an in-depth, hands-on opportunity for new and aspiring workforce deans to experience the situations they will face as administrators and practice the skills they will need before facing challenging situations on the job.

Deans' Academy provides three main components to future leaders in workforce education:

1)     training in leadership of workforce education

2)     knowledge and skills necessary for effective workforce administration

3)     awareness of oneself as a leader

Workforce professionals from the Washington State Community and Technical College system, the SBCTC, and public and private organizations will lead topic-specific sessions. The course is designed so that members will leave as conscious, capable leaders with the practical knowledge and skills and the personal self-awareness necessary to lead workforce programs. 

Participation Requirements

a) Participation in the required summer kick-off retreat at the Cedarbrook Lodge August 14-15, 2017. Cedarbrook is less than one mile from Sea-Tac airport, and guests can arrange a free shuttle to/from the airport, Seattle Link light rail and the Tukwila Amtrak platform.

b) Commitment to participate in all quarterly Academy training sessions, as well as completion of a personal leadership project.

c) A $2500.00 participant fee from each institution which covers all training materials, speakers, and summer retreat meal and overnight hotel expenses. In addition to the participant fee, institutions are expected to cover travel expenses (mileage and/or flight, hotel, and evening per diem meals) at the fall, winter and spring meetings.

Learning Outcomes

In addition to the outcomes listed below, participants will be expected to bring specific outcomes to suit their own situations.

         Personal Leadership/Self-Knowledge

         Historical Perspectives of Workforce Education

         State Board of Community and Technical Colleges Governance

         Political Climate & Legislative Issues

         Linking Programs to Economic Development

         Writing and Managing Grants / Accountability

         Funding Streams and Financing

         External Partnerships

         Advocacy for Workforce Education

         Knowing Self as a Leader

We invite you to submit an application for the Deans’ Academy 9th cohort.  Members of some of the previous cohorts are listed below.  We encourage you to speak with past participants about their experiences. Questions about the Deans' Academy can be directed to


  •  Tamra Bell, Lower Columbia College, Director of Workforce Programs and Career Services
  • Lynnette Bennett, Bellingham Technical College, Grants Project Manager
  • Josh Clearman, Green River College, Dean of Technology and Trades Divisions and Workforce Education
  • Kim Davis, Skagit Valley College, Tech Prep Career Pathways
  • Jim Drinkwine, Renton Technical College, Instructor, Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Jaclyn Jacot, Spokane Community College, Director of ACT 2 and Career Transitions
  • James "JJ" Johnson, Pierce College Military Program, Special Assistant Program Manager/Coordinator
  • Kristi Lagrutta, North Seattle Community College, Student Success Specialist
  • Jamilyn Penn, Clover Park Technical College, Interim Dean
  • Tanya Powers, Highline Community College, Workforce Program Manager
  • Robert W. Prosch, Everett Community College, Director, East County Campus
  • Michael Reese, Bellevue College, Assistant Director, Experiential Learning
  • Steven L. Thomas, North Seattle Community College, Dean of Health and Human Services
  • Janice Walker, Whatcom Community College, Workforce Education Director
  • Tamar Zere, Green River College, Director of Workforce Education
  • Christopher "Kip" Zwolenski, Bellingham Technical College, Director of Basic Academic Skills


  • De Etta Burrell, Renton Technical College, Basic Studies Instructor
  • Fikru Diro, Shoreline Community College, Program Specialist III
  • Teri Echterling, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Program Administrator - Workforce Education
  • Jose Esparza, Big Bend Community College, Coordinator of Student Recruitment and Outreach
  • Sinead Fitzpatrick, Skagit Valley College, Director of WorkForce Grant Programs
  • Lori Griffin, Pierce College, Transitional Education Division Chair
  • Gabriel Mast, Bellingham Technical College, Project Director
  • Teresa McDermott, Olympic College, Director for Shelton Campus and Work-Intergrated Learning
  • Monty Prather, Columbia Basin College, Automotive Instructor, Assistant Professor
  • Angel Reyna, Yakima Valley Community College, Director for Workforce Education
  • Edward Sargent Jr., Lake Washington Technical College, Associate Dean, Learning Resources
  • Dan Von Holten, Columbia Basin College, Assistant Professor, Career & Technical Education
  • Amy Warren, Pierce College, Full time faculty and program coordinator for Business Information Technology
  • Jamie Wells, Green River College, Director of South King County Tech Prep
  • Kenneth Young, Seattle Vocational Institute, Dean of Student Services
  • Josh Baker, Highline Community College, Program Manager / Prof. Tech Faculty Member
  • Brian Bashinski, Lake Washington Technical College, Coordinator, Worker Retraining
  • John Bowers, North Seattle Community College, Workforce Education Director
  • Greg Brazell, Pierce College, Director of Education Programs
  • Joyce Carroll, , Bellevue Community College, Tech Prep Director
  • Deb Casey, Green River Community College, Dean of Student Services and Retention
  • Sandra Davidson, Green River College, Coordinator, Worker Retraining
  • Linda DeFord, Community Colleges of Spokane, Institute for Extended Learning, Assistant Dean/PACE Services
  • Bill Holt, North Seattle Community College, Program Coordinator, Faculty
  • Amy Metcalfe, Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom I-BEST Director & ESL faculty
  • Diana Oltman, Wenatchee Valley College, Business/IT, Instructor; Computer Education Program, Coordinator
  • Frank Powers, Spokane Falls Community College, Dean, Business, Professional Studies and Workforce Education
  • Wendy Price, South Seattle Community College, Grants Management
  • Andrea Samuels, Seattle Central Community College, I-BEST Program Coordinator
  • Bill Sanderson, Renton Technical College, Instructor, Computer Network Technology
  • Kristine Barnum, Clark College, Program Manager, Workforce
  • Dave Cox, Spokane Community Colleges, Asst. Dean, Technical & Rural Education
  • Jessica Gilmore, Highline Community College, Faculty Advisor
  • Mary Lockman, Seattle Central Community College, Advisor, Worker Retraining
  • Barbara Loney, Shoreline Community College, Program Manager, Prof /Tech
  • Pat Love, Pierce College, Coordinator, Workforce Training
  • Jenni Martin, Community Colleges of Spokane, Assistant Dean, WorkFirst and I-BEST
  • Tiffany Merkel-Rinke, SBCTC, Program Administrator
  • Riva Morgan, Wenatchee Valley College, Coordinator, Tech/Prep
  • Anne Penny, Edmonds Community College, Coordinator, Business Outreach
  • Melody Sims, Columbia Basin College, Project Director, Medical
  • Bill Sperling, Cascadia Community College, Manager, Workforce
  • Jan Stephenson, North Seattle Community College, Director, Workforce Ed
  • Maggi Sutthoff, Renton Technical College, Director
  • Erik Karl Tingelstad, Green River College, Director, CoE Careers in Education
  • Kimberly Tucker, Columbia Basin College, Asst. Professor, Nursing
  • Cheryl Baddeley, Clover Park Technical College, Director
  • Patrice Copeland, Edmonds Community College, Dean, HHS Division
  • Terry Cox, Whatcom Community College, Director, Workforce Ed.
  • Krista Fox, Green River College, Assistant Dean
  • Troy Goracke, Bates Technical College, Faculty
  • Paulette Lopez, Yakima Valley Community College, Division Dean, Workforce
  • Deborah McLaughlin, Seattle Central Community College, Director
  • Darlene Molsen, Bellevue College, Director
  • Kerrie Rodriquez, Yakima Valley Community College, Director
  • Mary Shannon, Big Bend Community College, Director
  • Durelle Sullivan, Centralia College, Assistant Dean
  • Melody Sims, Columbia Basin College, Project Director, Medical
  • Cynthia Walker, Columbia Basin College, Recruitment and Retention
  • Cindy Wilson, Pierce College, District Chair
  • Paul Baeder, Renton Technical College, Faculty, Appliance and Refrigeration Technology
  • Sharon Buck, Everett Community College, Dean
  • Kelly Chun, Institute for Ext. Learning, Asst. Vice-President
  • Tami Clark, Bates Technical College, Coordinator
  • Mabel Edmonds, Clover Park Technical College, Dean, Workforce Development
  • Bob Etteldorf, Bates Technical College, Instructor
  • Mary Garguile, Olympic College, Interim Vice President, Instruction
  • Shelley Glendenning, Clover Park Technical College, Coordinator
  • Al Griswold, Seattle Central Community College, Executive Director
  • Betsy Hale, North Seattle Community College, Interim Dean
  • Noreen Light, Faculty Development Coordinator, SBCTC
  • Donald Miller, Walla Walla Community College, Grant and Articulation
  • Katherine Proff, Institute for Ext. Learning, Manager, Economic Develop
  • Satpal Sidhu, Bellingham Technical College, Dean
  • Jimmie Smith, Renton Technical College, Counselor, Learning Disability
  • Kristi Tripple, Lake Washington Technical College, Director, Business Training
  • Margaret Turcott, Bellevue College, Faculty, Business Training